What's Easy Jumping Pole?

Easy Jumping Pole white sticker
Easy Jumping Pole grey sticker
Easy Jumping Pole orange strip

How to use Easy Jumping Pole?

Easy to apply

Looking for an easier way to renew your poles?
Enjoy easy Jumping pole - the new way to renew it in minutes...

High durability

Tested and used in show's warm-up, our poles have proven durability by our customers...

High quality and low cost

Easy Jumping pole is designed to be resistent with a great finish even when applied over old poles and has a low cost....

How is Easy Jumping Pole?

Look and Feel

Great finish

ATS Pole

Great finish

Shiny pole

How to use Easy Jumping Pole?

Have our products

It is very simple, Easy Jumping Pole is sold in kits to be applied on 3 poles. You choose the size, the model, the colors and we ship it to you immediately.

Intuitive stickers

Easy Jumping Pole is intuitive and easy to apply. It comes with an illustrated instruction manual and a spatula for easy application....

Customizable poles

The Easy Jumping Pole can be customized for you according to your needs, contact us to have more information....

Gregory Wathelet

"The installation is very easy and it helps me a lot to train different situations."

Gregory Wathelet

Bronze Medal by Team at the 2020 Olympics

Some examples

Easy Jumping Pole orange example I
Easy Jumping Pole orange example II
Easy Jumping Pole orange example III

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